Crown Chakra ~ Balancing & Healing


Crown Chakra
Day 4
Balancing and Healing

The Crown Chakra is the chakra that connects us to the Divine/God/Universe. When we allow the flow of this energy we experience a feeling of total freedom… spiritually, emotionally, and physically. We feel we can accomplish anything! Total bliss. We feel this way because the flow of energy opens us up to receive unconditional love and a sense of complete support from all. When we feel loved and supported we feel we can do anything. So with that said, I am going to give you ideas and practices you can gain that connection and keep it flowing.

Now keep in mind that it is very rare to consistently have that energy flow open and free. We all go through change and being in the darkness of some change can cause the flow to be restricted. If you get to a point where the darkness doesn’t seem to want to go away… remember that it will… the darkness doesn’t stay for long. If it does then please seek help. There are many people and groups that can assist you in breaking free of the confines of darkness. Hope is not lost and never will be!

Before we jump in to some practices I want to talk a little bit more about the psychic ability deeply connected to the crown chakra.

Claircognizance… also known as “The Knowings”. I spoke about it briefly in the past. This ability is the connection to the Divine/God/Universe. When the flow of energy through our crown chakra is open, we can receive messages directly from the Divine. Some who are new to this ability think they are their own thoughts but are confused by them. Those who understand this ability know that these thoughts are from Divine source. It’s like getting information about someone or a situation that you did not have before. Information that you could not possibly know normally. Here is an example.

Someone you know and care for is going on a trip. They’ve been planning it for a while and everything is set, including the routes they are going to take. It’s the night before he or she leaves and you are enjoying dinner and all of a sudden you get this overwhelming feeling (sometimes not so overwhelming) that he/she should not leave at 6 am like they had planned. You tell them, of course, and they don’t necessarily believe you but you give them the warning anyways. The morning of arrives and the feeling is stronger. So you call them and chat with them for a while trying to delay them. You succeed in making them leave but only by 30 minutes or so. So they are on their marry way irritated that they left later than they wanted. You’re still a bit worried but not near as much as before. The phone rings about 4 hours later. It’s them… calling to tell you he/she just missed a major accident and that if they had been in the accident it could have been deadly.

This type of thing happens all the time to people but they usually brush it off like it’s nothing. When these things begin to happen more frequently then it catches your attention. Here’s another example.

You and someone you just met are talking about a situation they are experiencing. Maybe someone you met on Facebook. They are talking away and then all of a sudden you tell them what is going on in their life and what they need to do. It was completely out of the blue and they can’t understand how you know what you know so they ask you… “How did you know that?” You respond with the usual… “I don’t know… I just knew.”

LOL This happens to me all the time. You know but you don’t know how you know. Well now you know! LOL It’s your crown chakra being open! Now not everyone has this ability but you can develop it… but that is for a completely different conversation.

Now if you are an Empath or Highly Sensitive Intuitive Person, the above ability will probably be second nature for you. It is important to keep the flow of energy within this chakra free and clear of any blockages. Once you release the blockages you will feel a sense of release. The pressure you’ve been feeling on your shoulders and neck, in your temples, on your chest and within different parts of your body will feel lighter. You’ll feel freer to experience others emotions without fear. You will feel more connected to the life force. Feeling more connected will enable you to push away unwanted emotions/energies from others. It will allow you to develop that connection in a safer more secure sense of environment.

Ok… so now that you understand the crown chakra better… let’s take a look at some techniques to help you become better acquainted with the Divine/God/Universe energy.

As always… anytime you are going to open yourself up to energy connection… ALWAYS PROTECT YOURSELF.

First, I want you to work on protection. Use crystals/stones to help ward off negativity, meditation and visualization to build up a bubble of protection or by drawing a circle that always surrounds you. There are many ways to do this so do what feels right to you. Reading about and trying different techniques is the only way you are going to find what feels right for you. One thing to also remember, if you are an empath, you don’t want to block your sensors. So when you do set up protection you want to allow for ONLY positive to enter your circle or bubble. When you state that… be very firm. Feel it within you when you state it firmly.

So here is an example of a protection visualization. We are going to do a circle (or bubble if you prefer) of protection.

If you’d like to use crystal(s)/stone(s) then go ahead and select them and hold them in your hands while setting your protection. You can also balance a couple on your head if you like or even place them in your pockets but holding them will bring their energy out more. Another thing you can do is place them at your feet or one in front of you on the floor/ground, one behind you, and one on either side of you. Whatever feels right for you.

Stand in the center of the room or sit comfortably in a chair.

Close your eyes and ground yourself.

Now visualize a large circle around you in a color that makes you feel safe, secure, comfortable and happy. Let this circle extend out about 3 feet.

Now we’re going to turn this circle into a type of bubble surrounding you.

Bring your hands and arms straight out at your sides. Perpendicular to your body. Turn your palms up and slowly bring them up to meet each other above your head bringing with them the energy from the circle around you connecting at the top.

Now, with your palms touching, bring your hands straight down in front of you and stick them back out to your sides, perpendicular to your body.

Pointing palms down, slowly move your hands down to bring the palms together bringing the energy of the circle down with them and connecting underneath your feet. You do not need to bend your knees because the circle will extend the energy down below your feet.

With palms touching bring your hands up into a prayer position.

Now you have drawn a circle or bubble of energy around you. We are going to set the intent for this circle/bubble.

Focus on the energy circle/bubble and say the following 3 times with focus and strength in your voice or thoughts with your hands in the prayer position.

Seal this circle with protection of love and light, anything less than love and light shall not enter.
Seal this circle with protection of love and light, anything less than love and light shall not enter.
Seal this circle with protection of love and light, anything less than love and light shall not enter.

Now feel the energy around you… play with it a little so you become comfortable with it around you. Extend it out a little and draw it in close. Feel how it bends with you and extends with your energy field.

Now put more energy into… push it back out. You can also do a burst if you feel any negative energy trying to invade your circle. To do that, build up energy of love within your heart chakra… let it build gently… then once you feel a good sized amount… release it out around you quickly giving it a push. This will send out a burst of love energy that will distinguish or push away the negative energy sending it flying. Hahahaha… I love doing that! They really hate that. Hahahaha But doing this also shows negative energies that you mean business.

So now you have your protection circle/bubble!

Now that you have that in place, we are going to do a visualization exercise to help you open and balance the flow of energy within your crown chakra.

Sit in a comfortable position and in a quiet place with no interruptions.

We are going to ground ourselves using the tree/earth technique.

Focus on your breathing…
Slow but comfortable breath in, drawing in positive, love filled light.
Hold for a second
Release the air slowly but comfortable pushing out negative, dirty light
Do this until you feel full of positive, loving light.

Now feel roots growing from the bottom of your feet… reaching down to the earth. Let them take hold of the earth and dig deep down securing you to the security of Mother Earth. Once you feel secure and safe release your focus.

Allow Mother Earth’s energy move up your body… through the chakras giving each one a little burst of energy making them twirl in love and light.

As the energy reaches the crown chakra, allow it to massage it and gently open its petals. At first you may feel slight pressure growing a little more intense. If this happens, relax and say allowed or to yourself the following as many times as needed, each time feeling more secure and less fear.

I trust the Divine/God/Universe (use the term you feel comfortable with) and am open to receive this loving energy.
I trust the Divine/God/Universe and am open to receive this loving energy.
I trust the Divine/God/Universe and am open to receive this loving energy.

Relax and let it flow into your crown chakra and then down the chakra line giving each chakra a little burst of loving energy.

In through the nose…
Out through the mouth…

Allow the flow of energy go through you freely.

Now repeat the following as many times needed…

I graciously accept your love and wisdom and allow it to flow freely within me.
I graciously accept your love and wisdom and allow it to flow freely within me.
I graciously accept your love and wisdom and allow it to flow freely within me.


When you are ready… open your eyes.

The above exercise can be used to open your crown chakra and to revitalize the energy flow.

Ok… so tomorrow, I will give you some affirmations that you can use with the exercise above to help remove some blocks you may have discovered.

Until then… explore the energy of the crown chakra and keep that protection circle/bubble up!

In Love & Light Always,
Carol ~ Mama Owl

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