Crown Chakra ~ The Basics

Crown-chakra symbol

Crown Chakra
Day 1
The Basics

The Crown Chakra… located at the top of our head… our crown area is where this chakra resides. It is the 7th chakra of the main chakras of our energy system. This chakra is our connection to the Divine/God/Universe. It’s what gives us that feeling of unity to everyone and everything. It is our consciousness, our personal understanding, our right to know. Bliss is the highlight of this chakra and the ultimate feeling that you have when finally let go and let the Universe… let God… let the Divine. Knowing that all will be well. This knowing is not an intellectual knowing… it is an inner sense of knowing that there is a deeper meaning to your life and you can feel that purpose deeply.

Letting go of all… giving the Universe, the Divine, God control… knowing that everything happens for a reason… knowing that you will be well no matter what is going on in your life is the ultimate release of ego. Letting go of ego can be very difficult for some but it is not unattainable. Everyone, at some point in their life experiences this… ultimate bliss of completely releasing. It can happen many times throughout our lifetime but does not typically happen for long periods of time. Don’t be hard on yourself if you once had it and now it’s gone. Sometimes it happens once you’ve gone through a major change and you’ve broken through the darkness to emerge into the bright light of enlightenment. We are human and being a human means we go through a lot of change no matter what level of awakening you are at. Once you reach total enlightenment, we typically share our experiences and help others get through the change they are experiencing and help them experience total enlightenment. It works in a cycle… ever revolving… ever changing… to then experience the bliss of letting go of ego.

The challenge for this chakra is attachment. During different times in our lives we become attached to many different things and this always changes. Attachments are ego based. We can become attached to people, thoughts, experiences and even a way of life. These attachments can be very hard to overcome but eventually we do. The stages we go through are first… there is a trigger, on a soul level, that makes you begin to look at your situation. You then begin to realize that something needs to change… something you can’t quite put your finger on but you know it’s important so you keep looking into different aspects of your life. Then you spot it. It could be, maybe, that you have put someone up on a pedestal and then realize that they too are just as human as you and not more important than you. That can really confuse your whole world… internally and externally. Once you realize what it is you then start going through the stronger part of the change and this change is releasing the control you’ve grasped onto. Once you finally release the control… you release the ego and then you become enlightened. It can be exhilarating once you’ve finally reached that release and thus experience total bliss.

Now the psychic ability strongly related to the crown chakra is Claircognizance or what I like to call… “The Knowings”. This ability is experienced by spirit directly communicating through the brain, spiritual energy going directly through the crown chakra allowing us to instantly have a thought that is not our own but of spirit. We typically explain it as “knowing something without knowing how we know it”. Just to make it clear. Hahahaha We will work more on this ability during the Balancing and Healing of this chakra.

Now that we’ve discussed the ins and outs of the crown chakra let’s take a look at some quick facts about this blissful energy center.

Sanskrit Name: Sahasrara meaning “thousand petals”

Color: Violet, White

Calming Color: Yellow

Development Stage: Throughout life

Energy State: Consciousness

Element: Thought

Musical Note: B

Sound: Ng as in sing

Celestial Body/Moon Phase: Uranus/New Moon

Incense: Myrrh, Gotu Kola

Essential Oils/Spices: Neroli, Rose, Frankincense

Herbs: Lavendar, Neroli, Gotu Kola

Flower Essences: Lotus, Angelica, Star Tulip

Aromatherapy: Lavendar, Ylang Ylang

Auric Layer: Ketheric Body (mental aspect)

Dominant Sense: Thought

Metal: Gold

Connection to Nature: Mountain Peaks

Shape: Round Scullcap

Tomorrow, we will go over the parts of the body connected to this chakra as well as symptoms of this chakra in the following states: Healthy and Open, Over Active and Closed.

I hope this information helps you to understand this chakra a little better. Later on this week we will look at crystals as well as meditations and activities to help make your chakra healthy.

In Love & Light Always.
Carol ~ Mama Owl

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