Crown Chakra ~ Symptoms

crown_chakra_by_ambercrystalelf-d3df2eiArtwork copyright by Kim Dreyer. Used with permission.

Crown Chakra
Day 2
Parts of the Body Governed
Symptoms of Healthy, Over Active and Closed Chakra

The crown chakra governs our connection to Divine Wisdom, spirituality, enlightenment and our awareness to our inner being.

While the third eye chakra focuses on the pineal gland and the pituitary gland, the crown chakra mainly focuses on the pineal gland. This gland lies deep within the brain and is the main producer of the hormone called melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that makes you feel sleepy, regulates a woman’s menstrual cycle and acts as an antioxidant which strengthens the immune system. Melatonin works with the circadian rhythm and seems to only be released when it is dark outside triggering sleep. If our circadian rhythm is off, say if you work all night and sleep during the day, it is possible that the hormone can be released during your sleep time instead of it being dark outside. If the circadian rhythm does not change or is constantly changing then your sleep patterns will be irregular as well as the release of this hormone. This can cause quite a lot of issues and unbalance in your life.

The crown chakra not only governs the pineal gland but also the whole top of the head. It is depicted in many religious paintings as a halo or light coming from the top of the head shooting upward. This chakra unites all the other chakras and gives all the other chakras their energy. This is where we started our journey in life and where we will return once we have ended our development in this lifetime. This is where we experience unity with all… with the Divine… with God… with the Universe. It is where our personal energy field unites and becomes one with the universe.

Once this chakra begins to open we cannot stop its progress. We begin to comprehend our intuitive understanding. We begin to understand that we are a creation of one tiny little part of the Divine. The Divine experiencing human life within us.

When this chakra is OPENING you may experience the following:

You may experience the ability to see the bigger picture in the life stream, devotion, inspiration, values and ethics, the feeling of a deep connection to the Divine, the feeling of a sense of purpose or meaning to your life, and an overwhelming sense of belonging and unconditional love.

Although this chakra does not become unbalanced, the flow of the energy can become constricted. When the energy of this chakra has become CONSTRICTED… this is what you may experience:

You may experience a mystical type of depression, disease of the muscular, skeletal and skin system, chronic exhaustion not caused from physical ailments, and sensitivity to light, sound and the environment. You can also experience forgetfulness, a lack of meaning in life, alienation, confusion, and a loss of identity or trust.

Being an Empath, your Crown Chakra is open. It can still become constricted. We can become mixed up and confused but that does not necessarily mean that this chakra is blocked or closed… it just means that we need to develop our ability to allow the flow to become more fluid and easily able to flow. This is important. It is the difference between living a happy life, knowing whose emotions are whose, and living a life of loneliness and constantly feeling you are being attacked. The later can cause you to want to shut down all connections which shrinks down that flow of energy. You will feel like being suffocated and may also feel as though you cannot break out of a strait jacket… confined to a very small space. To break through this you will have to allow the flow to begin again and facing your fears is a large part of that.

Being a Reiki Practitioner means your Crown Chakra is open. You cannot be a Reiki Practitioner without it being open. That does not mean that this chakra cannot become constricted however… but it has been opened. If it does become constricted you will need to reconnect to the Divine and the flow will then begin again. Most Reiki Practitioners know how to do this because they are taught about the flow of energy.

So tomorrow, we will take a look at what crystals and stones will aid in the opening and constant flow of energy for this chakra.

In Love & Light Always,
Carol ~ Mama Owl

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