Third Eye Chakra ~ Crystals & Stones

Third Eye Charoite

Third Eye Chakra
Day 3
Crystals & Stones

The third eye chakra has many names… Third Eye, Mind’s Eye and even The Sight Center. Because this chakra is the seat of our intuition in conjunction with the heart chakra and the solar plexus, it is strong in the development of psychic abilities. The main ability associated with this chakra is clairvoyance (to see) but it is also connected to clairaudience, psychic knowing and intuition so I want to discuss stone/crystals that will help with developing these abilities along with other issues to go along with this chakra.

When this chakra, as we discussed yesterday (Day 2), is balanced, we are able to think clearly, get good sleep, cope with daily stress and let go of things we have no control over. Our body’s 24 hour clock operates smoothly and we are much more positive with the going’s on of our daily life. We want to encourage these things so finding stones/crystals that will enhance positivity, grounding and clear thought will be most helpful.

Because the third eye chakra is one of the higher chakras, using the crystals/stones with higher vibrations will work well to balance and heal the parts of the body associated with it. The higher vibration stones associated with this chakra are Kyanite (indigo), Moldavite, Herkimer Diamonds, Danburite, Tanzanite and many more. I highly suggest you use the chakra stones I’ve listed below first and then work your way up to the higher vibration stones. Doing this will help you ease into these types of stones as they can be quite intense AND can open up new abilities before you are prepared for it. If you feel a strong pull to working with the higher vibration stones, please go to and read through the information about working with them. It’s much better to be prepared and do it the right way before just jumping in not knowing what you’re up against. The next chakras I will be talking about are the higher chakras so I will include this paragraph with each one.

Below, I’ve listed some stones and what they can help with in regard to the third eye chakra. This chakra resonates with the colors purple and indigo but not all stones have to be those colors. There are many other stones of various colors that also resonate with this chakra. The following list are by no means the only stones to use but they are a good start!

Indigo Kyanite: Stimulates the pineal gland
This stone is a high vibration stone but the reason I placed it first is because it is gentler than other high vibration stones but, keep in mind that everyone is different and this stone can be stronger with your energy so please be aware of that. This stone will help to align and clear all the chakras. Simply having it in your possession will align and clear all the chakras without having to direct its energy, but, if you do direct its energy to a specific chakra it will be stronger and more effective. This stone also aids in the development of psychic gifts so please be aware that those gifts that are emerging may emerge faster while using this stone. This stone is also wonderful for calming the mind allowing you to have a more restful night’s sleep. It relaxes you and helps you ease into meditation. When your mind is relaxed it will experience more during meditation as well as during your normal day. This is also a strong healing stone. There are so many benefits to having this stone that I could go on and on but I will stop there and hope that you add this beauty to your collection. Kyanite is ready available in its more common color of blue and is not overly expensive. The indigo color is more difficult to find and may be more expensive.

Amethyst (Purple): Aid in Healing and Spiritual Growth
This crystal is wonderful for healing because it embodies the energy of the violet flame. The violet flame, in short, transforms negative energy into positive. This crystal aids in sleeping restfully and helps with peaceful dreaming. Being that it is a quartz crystal, its energy is more focused. Any stone or crystals that has quartz in it has a higher, more concentrated energy focus. This stone is also used for protection as it wards off negativity. Because this stone helps to calm and quiet the mind, it is highly suggested to use for psychic development. I, personally, use amethyst for that purpose. This stone is widely available and not very expensive.

Purple Charoite: Protection, Healing and Transformation
This stone is known to protect the wearer of psychic attacks. Its vibration encourages healers to be of service to others and to share their gifts with the world. It will assist you in continuing your spiritual development while encouraging more steps be taken after energy shifts and transformation. To do this it helps your body adjust to higher frequencies as you grow. Using this stone, you will notice that synchronicities become more frequent. It could be that you are just noticing them more because you are more open to them. It encourages a deeper connection to the Divine which strengthens that connection as well. Charoite also helps you to gently adjust to the higher vibrations of the high vibration stones/crystals. It would be a great stone to use if you are very sensitive to crystal/stone energy. This stone is widely available but it can be expensive so make sure you shop around.

Labradorite: Stone of Magic, Change and Protection
This stone is used to awaken any psychic ability that may be dormant and also brings about the process of developing new abilities. Because of its deep resonance, it can bring about a lot of change within your life. It is also a very highly protective stone warding off any negative energy. This stone is also known as the Adventurers Stone because it encourages you to go where you have not gone before. Many users of this stone have said that once they start using it they begin to notice little coincidences a lot more than before. It helps you to recharge your energy if you have been overdoing things. This stone is readily available and not too expensive.

So that is just a few of the stones that are really helpful to use with the Third Eye Chakra. There are many many more to choose from.

How to pick stones that will work best for you is actually quite simple. When you shop for stones you need to trust your intuition… plain and simple. If you pick up a stone and you get a strong feeling either good or bad, you really need to trust that feeling. If you were to buy a stone that really doesn’t feel right it could actually cause you harm. Yes, you can cleanse stones but it’s better to go with stones that feel right to you instead.

Purchasing stones online makes this more difficult because you’re not always getting the stone you see in the picture. So if you have to purchase online seek a reputable seller and try to buy in bulk that way you have a variety of choices.

Money can be an issue when buying in bulk. So what I suggest is to leave the negative thoughts about money behind. Negative money thoughts will only make things more difficult for you. So give this a try… focus on what you want… build up your energy with that focus all the while putting love and light into the energy… now once you have built what you feel is enough energy… release it into the universe with confidence and a smile that it is going to come to you. Do this as much as you can… maybe every day for a week… constantly putting that positive energy on what you want.

Ok, now tomorrow we are going to look at different types of balancing and healing techniques for this chakra. I hope this is helping you understand more about your third eye and how to balance and align it to make your life easier and more positive.

In Love & Light Always,
Carol ~ Mama Owl

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