Heart Chakra ~ The Basics

heart_chakra symbol pink burstHeart Chakra
Day 1
The Basics

First, I want to thank my amazing fiancé for working his magic on the picture. The original picture is all green but I really wanted to add the pink to it. You see, when I meditate on the heart chakra I always picture a green flower with a pink center and the tips of the petals pink. So that’s what he did for me. I absolutely love it! Thank you Mikey… I love you!

So this week is about the Heart Chakra. This is where love resides and where healers get a lot of their power. This is our love center where we feel compassion and empathy. Where we focus on un-conditional love and self-acceptance. Emotional empowerment is also seated within this chakra. This is also where we learn to forgive and let go of past hurts. It is difficult to let go of past hurts but when we focus on love… it becomes easier. Trust is also deeply rooted within the heart chakra. Allowing love to flow freely… giving and receiving… we can experience wonderful things. We are better able to manifest good in our lives. Receiving love is a major part of manifesting positive so working on this chakra is vital.

When we experience the right to love and be loved it results in an overall sense of peace within our soul. We feel accepted within our communities, friends and family which reinforces emotional empowerment. It’s ok to be emotional… we are emotional creatures whether society says so or not. Allow your emotions to flow freely while also practicing healthy boundaries.

The heart chakra is a social butterfly and if you think back on times you have been social you are typically having a good time… you are happy… you feel accepted… and you actually feel loved and want to express love as well. Our love center wants to feel this way and when we are surrounded by others who feel the same then it just amplifies the positivity! A flowing circle of positivity… ahhhh… what a wonderful feeling!

The challenge for our love center is grief. What is grief? Grief is an emotion we feel when we think all hope is lost… when a loved one passes away and we can’t get past the deep sorrow of losing that being. It is a challenge for sure to allow love into your heart when we are suffering from grief but once you do, it is like the dark clouds have lifted and the sun shines down upon your beautiful soul. Letting go of that sorrow is a huge relief from grief and you can do it. On day 4 when we talk about ways to balance and heal the heart chakra I will share one way I have helped people get past emotions that make us feel stuck. It’s a wonderful feeling once you are able to let go.

So, all you empaths out there… this is, along with the Solar Plexus, where your power resides. The ability to sense others emotions comes from the heart chakra as well as the solar plexus. When we focus and balance the heart chakra we can gain a better understanding of what being an empath is all about. We are also better able to determine whose emotions are whose. For me, it’s all about the energy. I focus on the energy I am receiving from others or the energy that is emanating from others but not all empaths are like that.

Now that we’ve discussed the ins and outs of the heart chakra let’s take a look at some quick facts about this beautiful energy center.

Sanskrit Name: Ahahata meaning “flawless”

Color: Green and Pink

Calming Color: Pink

Development Stage: 3.5 to 7 years

Energy State: Gas

Element: Air

Musical Note: F

Sound: Ay like play

Celestial Body/Moon Phase: Venus/New & Full Moon

Incense: Lavender, Jasmin, Rose

Essential Oils/Spices: Rose, Jasmine, Saffron, Tarragon

Herbs: Thyme, Melissa

Flower Essences: Holly, Poppy, California Wild Rose

Aromatherapy: Rose, Melissa

Auric Layer: Astral Body

Dominant Sense: Touch

Metal: Copper

Connection to Nature: Forests, Fields

Shape: Crescent Moon

Tomorrow, we will go over the parts of the body connected to this chakra as well as symptoms of this chakra in the following states: Healthy and Open, Over Active and Closed.

I hope this information helps you to understand this chakra a little better. Later on this week we will look at crystals as well as meditations and activities to help make your chakra healthy.

In Love & Light Always.
Carol ~ Mama Owl

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