Solar Plexus ~ Balancing, Healing & Affirmations

imagesSolar Plexus Chakra
Day 4 & 5
Balancing & Healing

The Solar Plexus Chakra is all about our will to live… our personal power… acceptance of our being. Our intuition and that “knowing” resides within our power center. It’s about our vibrancy and how conscious we are about ourselves… our inner world. Being connected with our emotions is essential for this chakra to be in a beautifully balanced state.

I’ve gathered some wonderful practices on how to be in tune with this chakra and keep it balanced. Some of these I have practiced and some I have not so do what feels good to you. Allow your inner “knowing” to guide you to what is best for you.

First, I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite websites, They have a lot of great information about crystals, of course, as well as chakras and crystals/stones that help each chakra. So keep this site handy if you are ever in need of quick information about a particular crystal and/or stone.

The website I just talked about suggests a daily crystal meditation practice which I find to be very helpful. Using crystals, for some may not be very useful but it is for most. So I would suggest giving it a try and see how it affects you. You might be happily surprised!

So for the Solar Plexis, let’s meditate with Yellow Apatite. You can pick any quartz type stone as quartz stimulates and amplifies energy quite nicely. Quartz type stones are the best stones to program as well, which is something you should do with all your stones. Programming a stone is focusing your intent on what you want to use that stone for. For instance, if you want to use a particular stone to aid in healing (yourself and/or others) then you focus healing intent into the stone. Go to the website above and check out “Programming Your Crystal” for more information.

Yellow apatite is a really good stone for aiding in stimulating ideas, intuition, enhancing strength of purpose and clearing mental confusion so it will be the perfect stone to meditate with. It is a quartz type stone as well so will also be good to amplify those aspects.

So… find a guided meditation or music that makes you feel relaxed. Here is one that I love to use.  It is a choir of angels slowed 800% and is absolutely breathtaking.

Creating Your Own Guided Meditation
I highly suggest creating your own guided meditation because hearing your own voice saying the affirmations will be more powerful and meaningful to you than hearing someone else say them. To do this, find some music that makes you feel relaxed and safe preferably one with no voices like the one I have linked to above. Play the music while recording it and give yourself 5 minutes or so to do the grounding, breathing, and relaxing before you start speaking. (You can always guide yourself through the grounding, breathing, and relaxing if you would like). After that time is up… read aloud the affirmations. After you are done reading the affirmations, give yourself more time to sit with them and then come out of the meditation.

Now… once you’ve got that ready to go… get in a comfortable position (laying is acceptable).

Do a quick grounding so you don’t float away and put your protection bubble in place.

Now place the yellow apatite stone upon your upper abdomen centering it between your heart and your belly button. If you feel the need to place your hands over it then do so. Do whatever feels right to you.

Turn on the music and allow it to fill your senses while taking deep slow breaths in, hold for just a moment then releasing slowly both at a comfortable pace. Do the breathing 3 times and then breathe at a comfortable pace.

Now focus on the stone. See, in your minds eye, its brilliant yellow glow. Allow it to connect to your solar plexus feeling its energy reach down to touch the chakra’s center.

Now let the yellow glow grow larger… slowly… to surround you combining with your bubble of protection.

Say aloud or silently the following affirmations.

I love and accept me as the beautiful being that I am.

I am strong and courageous.

I am worthy of all love, kindness and respect.

I choose the best for myself.

I express my emotions with confidence and love.

I am proud of my achievements.

I am secure in who I am and believe in myself.

I honor myself.

I feel my own power.

Allow the affirmations to sink in… enveloping you however that works with you. No set rules on this… just let it happen.

When you are ready, open your eyes.

Doing this type of meditation will work with any and all chakras using a specific stone per chakra. Using the stone will amplify the affirmations as well as enhancing the different aspects of the chakra you are focusing on.

Doing this kind of meditation can also enhance other abilities to come about. There are also types of meditations to enhance different psychic abilities but that is for another time and another subject.

So… that is a good daily meditation for working on the Solar Plexus. Below you will find other suggestions to help you with this chakra.

Chakra Dance
Dance is a wonderful way to celebrate your sacral chakra! It gives your body movement and increases circulation and brain activity to increase your creativity flow. Dance also allows you to express your pleasures… your passions. The site I’ve provided for you here is a wonderful site and I hope you enjoy the energy it vibrates.

Yes, hugging… your read that correctly. Scientific tests have shown that the act of hugging or cuddling produces a natural chemical within the body that increases our feelings of love and happiness. This chemical, called oxytocin, is a hormone made in the brain. It strengthens self love, lowers high blood pressure, stimulates breast milk, increases intimate emotional communication and is critical to emotions. There are also studies that have shown this natural chemical could help those who suffer from schizophrenia and clinical depression. Pretty fascinating stuff! So…

Wearing the color Yellow
Yep… wearing the color yellow can raise your solar plexus vibration. So put on that beautiful yellow skirt and dance the day away!

Yellow foods such as bananas, corn, yellow bell peppers, grains, lemons, honey, pineapple and some squash carry the same vibration as the solar plexus and are also healthy for you.

The element of the solar plexus is fire so spending time in front of fireplace or campfire will help to bring focus back to your power center. Allow your positive thoughts and affirmations to dance among the flames of this powerful chakra.

Sound Therapy
The musical note for the sacral chakra is E so listening to the singing bowls of this note balances the vibration of this chakra. There are some wonderful videos of the singing bowls on Youtube that are available but, as with anything… if it doesn’t feel right to you then don’t do it.

So there you have it… several different ways to balance and heal your solar plexus. Next week we will be diving into the heart chakra.

In Love & Light Always
Carol ~ Mama Owl

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