Sacral Chakra ~ Symptoms

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Sacral Chakra
Day 2
Parts of the Body Governed / Symptoms of Healthy, Over Active and Closed Chakra

Today we are going to talk about what parts of our body are associated with the sacral chakra and what symptoms to look out for if your sacral chakra is out of balance or closed. When this chakra is off balance many things can surface as physical symptoms to certain parts of our body. The sacral chakra deals with bodily fluids and circulation. The areas of the body that are influenced by the energy of the sacral chakra are the reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder, lower back, hormones and sciatica.

Keeping these things in mind, below are symptoms that can occur when this chakra is unbalanced as well as closed. I have also included many emotional and mental difficulties we can experience.

Let’s take a look at what a HEALTHY chakra looks like first.

The State of Mind of someone with a healthy open sacral chakra feels passionate, present in their body, does not feel fear of their sensuality, very creative, easily expresses their feelings, confident and open to intimacy. They naturally give and receive love when this chakra is in balance as well as being comfortable communicating their needs, listening, and attending to other’s needs. They are also better able to let go of things and their connection to others as well as the Divine (God) shines brightly.

The Physical Health of someone with a healthy open sacral chakra has a healthy and safe sexual life, is able to get pregnant easily and has good blood flow and circulation.

A lot of times, someone with a strong state of mind can overcome any obstacle with physical difficulties so your state of mind is key.

Now let’s move on to symptoms of an OVER-ACTIVE chakra.

The State of Mind of someone with an over-active sacral chakra can experience emotional over-load, severe mood swings, over dramatization, unhealthy attachments to people, control issues, sexual addictions, anxiety, aggressiveness and arrogance.

The Physical Health of someone with an over-active sacral chakra can experience a constant feeling of warmth in the lower abdomen, cysts within the reproductive organs, urinary issues, kidney problems and lower back pain.

Having an overactive sacral center can also lead to addictions to alcohol, drugs, and other unhealthy substances. Over-eating is also a possible side effect and can lead to having a bad self-body image.

Last but not least symptoms of a CLOSED chakra.

The State of Mind of someone with a closed sacral chakra can experience feeling cold all the time (emotionally and sexually), self-isolation, fear anything that may bring pleasure, fear change, lack of creativity, putting yourself down, avoidance of being yourself around others, a difficult time manifesting any positive in your life, an overwhelming sense of guilt for wanting to or having sex, guilt in general and the lack of passion or excitement for anything.

The Physical Health of someone with a closed chakra can experience frigidity, fatigue or chronic fatigue, weak sex drive, low back pain, sciatica problems, problems with reproductive organs, pelvic pain, libido, urinary problems, spleen problems, knee trouble, constipation and loss of appetite.

Now I know that could be a lot of you… I’ve even got some of those symptoms but just because we are suffering from these types of ailments does not mean that getting your chakra aligned and balanced will cure everything. Your state of mind plays a big role in that as well.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms whether they are physical or mind related, PLEASE seek professional medical help as this information is not a diagnoses by any means. While working on balancing your chakras is important… so is letting your doctor know what problems you are facing.

If you are a Reiki Practitioner, knowing these things can help with which chakras to work with the most.

So tomorrow, we will take a look at what crystals and stones will aid in the balancing of this chakra. I’ve got some really good stone combinations to help with different aspects which I think you’ll find quite handy.

In Love & Light Always,
Carol ~ Mama Owl

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