Sacral Chakra ~ Crystals & Stones

carnelian drops-sacralSacral Chakra
Day 3
Crystals & Stones

Because the Sacral Chakra is centered around creativity, the creation of life as well as ideas and artistic creations, we are going to look at crystals and stones that will harness this as well as aid you in your creativity pursuits. We also want to find stones that aid in the hormonal system.

Because this chakra resonates with the color orange, we want to stick with that color, reddish orange and/or more orange yellow-gold.

The psychic gift of clairsentience and psychometry are also boosted when this chakra is in balance so looking into crystals and stones to aid in these abilities will also be good. These abilities are all about “feeling” in the metaphysical sense. Your intuition deeply sits with these abilities as well as the sacral chakra.

Below, I’ve listed some stones and what they can help with in regard to the sacral chakra. These are by no means the only stones to use but they are a good start!

Orange Carnelian: Replenishes Energy
Replenishes spent vital energy, helps those who have recently come out of a traumatic period by overcoming states of low spirits by loss of hope or courage, protects the wearer of negative emotions, increases fertility, and restores self-esteem. This stone is also used to enhance creativity! This stone is also easily found and usually not too expensive. This is an important stone to have if you are on the road to becoming a healer or if you are an emapth because it also helps to stabilize our emotions.

Orange Calcite: Energy Amplifier
This stone stimulates creativity, helps you release fear and enhances confidence. It helps to remove negative energy from body and environment, reduce discomfort from irritable bowel syndrome, combat gallbladder and intestinal disorders, alleviate depression by promoting positive thinking, and clear feelings of stress, fear and tension. This stone is ready available and not overly expensive.

Peach Aventurine: Gently Increases Energy
Helps with: decision making, boosting creativity, healing the lungs, heart, adrenal glands and urogenital system. Aventurine stones have quartz in them and that makes them amplify the stone’s energy so it is very important to have in your collection. Typically, aventurine stones are easy to find and not too expensive.

Tiger’s Eye: Harmony & Balance
This is a powerful stone to help release fear and anxiety. It helps you make decisions unclouded by emotion. It is known for giving courage, self-confidence and strong will to the wearer. It enhances creativity and is known to balance the brain to help with mental disease and/or personality disorders. Tiger’s Eye is easily available and inexpensive.

Hematite: Grounding and Stabilizing
Hematite helps you to learn how to manifest desires in the physical world. This stone can align all the Chakras while pulling together scattered energies into the Root Chakra for integration. It enhances mental activity, balances the yin/yang energies and emotions, and dissolves negative energy. This stone is also ready available and fairly inexpensive.

Many of these stones can be used together and learning about each stone will help you with what combinations work best for you.

How to pick stones that will work best for you is actually quite simple. When you shop for stones you need to trust your intuition… plain and simple. If you pick up a stone and you get a strong feeling either good or bad, you really need to trust that feeling. If you were to buy a stone that really doesn’t feel right it could actually cause you harm. Yes, you can cleanse stones but it’s better to go with stones that feel right to you instead.

Purchasing stones online makes this more difficult because you’re not always getting the stone you see in the picture. So if you have to purchase online seek a reputable seller and try to buy in bulk that way you have a variety of choices.

Money can be an issue when buying in bulk. So what I suggest is to leave the negative thoughts about money behind. Negative money thoughts will only make things more difficult for you. So give this a try… focus on what you want… build up your energy with that focus all the while putting love and light into the energy… now once you have built what you feel is enough energy… release it into the universe with confidence and a smile that it is going to come to you. Do this as much as you can… maybe every day for a week… constantly putting that positive energy on what you want.

Ok, now tomorrow we are going to look at different types of balancing and healing techniques for the sacral chakra. I hope this is helping you understand more about your sacral chakra and how to balance and align them make your life easier and more positive.

In Love & Light Always,
Carol ~ Mama Owl

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