Sacral Chakra ~ The Basics

Sacral chakra symbol-250Sacral Chakra
Day 1
The Basics

The Sacral Chakra is the pleasure center of our being and is located just below the belly button in the lower abdomen area. It allows us to experience life through our feelings and sensations. When it is healthy we feel creative and not afraid to express who we are through our emotions, desires and sexuality. We are confident in our own bodies and not afraid to show it.

This chakra embraces our energy surrounding creativity, unconditional love for ourselves and others, and the feeling of “to feel”. It’s all about emotions, desire and passion. The spiritual lessons within this chakra are creativity, manifestation, honoring relationships, learning to “let go” and emotional connections. The challenge for this chakra is guilt.

The aspects that are stored within this chakra are that of duality, magnetism, controlling patterns and emotional feelings of joy, anger and fear.

Below are some quick facts about this chakra.

Sanskrit Name: Swadhisthana meaning “sweetness”

Color: Orange

Calming Color: Indigo

Development Stage: 6 to 24 months

Energy State: Liquid

Challenge: Guilt

Element: Water

Musical Note: D

Sound: Oo like pool

Celestial Body/Moon Phase: Saturn, Waxing Moon

Incense: Damiana

Essential Oils/Spices: Sage, Fennel

Herbs: Fennel, Corriander

Flower Essences: Indian Paintbrush, Lady’s Slipper, Hibiscus

Aromatherapy: Sandlewood, Ylang Ylang

Auric Layer: Emotional Body (lower emotional aspect)

Dominant Sense: Taste

Metal: Tin

Connection to Nature: Flowing Water, Moonlight

Shape: Circle with Crescent

Food: Liquids

Tomorrow, we will go over the parts of the body connected to this chakra as well as symptoms of this chakra in the following states: Healthy and Open, Over Active and Closed.

I hope this information helps you to understand this chakra. Later on this week we will look at crystals as well as meditations and activities to help make your chakra healthy.

In Love & Light Always.
Carol ~ Mama Owl

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