Strong will to help with decisions ahead.

Tiger Sharkogcgr_lg_bluewhale

These beautiful creatures glided into my life recently.  Shark showed up last night while the Whale showed up this morning.  Here is what they told me…
Shark wants us to know that there are many opportunities coming about so be watchful of them.  Remember that you can only move forward if you take that first step.  Leave your worries behind and charge ahead with direct intentions.  Now your mind is becoming clear as to what you want so your intentions can be set and firm.  Shark is a creature of strong will and when he comes into our lives he will push you into making a decision and make you follow through.  No more wasting time weighing the options… the time is now so take that leap of faith.

Now Whale is here to help you listen to your inner voice.  He is here to help you see what you’ve done in the past that has caused drama and unrest.  This is to help you make that decision that Shark is pushing you to make.  Whale is concerned that you will make those same decisions that you’ve been making that has impacted your everyday life in a bad way.  He wants you to follow your own truth which will bring about peace in your life.  Whale is the earth’s record keeper and is here to help you access your historical records to help you see more clearly your past results of decisions you have already made.  Reviewing your past records will help you better determine choices you are about to make for the future.

So with the help of Shark and Whale, you are moving forward in wonderful ways.  Allow Shark’s strong will and Whale’s peaceful strength take over to help you move upward and onward to a new stage in your life.
You won’t be disappointed.

In Love & Light,

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