Improved intuition and stronger focus

We’ve been going through a LOT of change recently which has caused our minds to be muddled and foggy.  Today, it seems that the fogginess is starting to subside so now is the time to start focusing on the connection to our higher selves.  Look at the connection you have with the Divine.  Is there are difference?  Is it stronger or has it just changed “route”?  Do you “see” things differently?  Use your intuition to help guide you in seeing the new perspectives that these changes have bestowed upon us.  It is time to use our stronger and deeply improved intuition.

Hawk brings to light our ability to have a stronger focus.  The power to see with clear vision.  This new spiritual awareness is stronger and filled with positive intention which is needed to help uproot the influence of those dark illusions of duality.  We need to keep the positivity flowing and circulating within our bodies and minds to help the change progress and to help release the hold those illusions have on us.

Some of you may be frightened by this change.  Fear not… your guides are here for you to protect.  They will never leave your side especially through such a strong change such as this.  It’s a universal change that everyone is experiencing… even those with no apparent abilities or knowledge there of.  They have experienced a shift of some sort.  But I assure you… everyone has felt it in one way or another.

So, to help with this change… talk to your guides.  If you do not know them… ask them who they are.  Don’t be afraid… they are here to love and protect you.  Always and forever at your side.  There have also been an abundance of animal spirits surrounding us… helping us to understand this huge change.  Welcome them into your life… allow for the change to progress.  Let go of the insecurities… the judgement… the bitterness and let love in.

In Love & Light,
Carol the Oracle

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