Get it done!

Charging black rhinoceros. Black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis)

When the Rhino came to me, he looked almost like the picture above.  He was not charging but it felt like he wanted to.  He was frustrated with me and seemed to be telling me to “Get it done!”  I know exactly what that means for me… what does it mean for you?  Is there something going on in your life you have been putting off to do another day?  Well… today is the day.  No more waiting… no more procrastinating.

When Rhino charges into our life he demonstrates his power, commitment, and his presence.  He won’t go away until what needs to be done get’s done.  He will keep showing up until we have completed the task at hand.  He helps us to see the strength and perseverance within.  We are strong and we will be able to accomplish things that we’ve never tried before.  So whatever it is that you’ve been putting off… know that you will succeed in accomplishing it… whatever “it” is.

Alternatively, when Rhino is present in our lives, he shows us our great power and teaches us how to use it.  He teaches us that it’s ok to be aggressive and how to assert our self-power.  All we need to do is give a look and if that’s not good enough then we use our body language with a snort or a stomp.

He also brings forth ancient knowledge that is within all of us.  He brings that to the forefront so that we have to look at it… and accept that it is coming from us.  He won’t accept no for an answer.  It is time to acknowledge our strengths and abilities.  He has waited long enough and so has the world.

With this acceptance of the knowledge within, we are learning that we are better able to work with things or people that normally annoy us.  Like the bird that sits upon the Rhino… it eats and keeps the bugs off.  The bird may be annoying but it serves a purpose and so does the annoyances in our life.

Rhino also brings about solitude.  We are secure enough within ourselves to be alone.  We don’t need someone else to fulfill our spiritual needs… we know we can do that for ourselves now.  Can you feel it?

Breathe in the Power of the Great Horn of Rhinoceros and let that show you that you have what you need to prevail.

Blessed Be,
Carol the Oracle

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