Confusion and Our Journey


Confusion and Our Journey…

Many of us feel as though we are at a crossroads. We feel confused and completely out of sorts. We’ve been looking at our lives and noticed being pulled here and there. We’ve been told to follow our heart’s passion. Well what if our heart’s passion is many things? Or… we’re not sure what our heart’s passion is. Well, this feeling I’m getting from everyone is also something I’ve been struggling with. Here are the inside aspects that I’m getting from everyone’s energy.
The physical human existence and our needs within the physical realm. Many of us teeter back and forth between our physical selves and our spiritual selves never embracing both. We sometimes feel it’s either one or the other. We sometimes ask ourselves… “If I focus too much on the physical I feel disconnected and lonely.” We all have to survive this physical existence and need to earn money and sometimes that makes us feel less in a spiritual sense. “If I pursue a career which earns me a lot of money, will others perceive me as shallow or materialistic in the spiritual community I’m a member of?” This really can cause a lot of turmoil in our lives not to mention fear of being accepted.

The spiritual existence. Many of us struggle with believing what we experience is real. Many of us have these thoughts… “Am I crazy?” “People who see things or hear things that aren’t there typically go to the mental hospital so I can’t let it out that I am seeing and hearing things.” “I must be crazy because it won’t stop.” Growing up in this society, most of us learn these things from TV shows or just things that others have said or experienced. So, the fear remains… how can I be accepted as a genuine person, not a liar, if I can’t accept myself? So we learn and find out there are others out there that have these same gifts but that little voice still remains… “You are crazy!” How can we move forward if we still feel this way?

And then we fall into this spiral of wanting to become invisible. “If I don’t draw attention to myself then no one will expect anything of me… no one will think I’m crazy or money hungry.” I can see where these two worlds crashing into each other can cause a lot of turmoil and deep inner depression.

The solution! Yes there is a solution! Our gifts can be so very difficult to deal with. Learning how to accept ourselves whether others accept us or not is a challenge. We want to be loved and to fit in. If we don’t fit in and others shun us… we don’t get the love we deserve. So we go in search of people that experience what we experience and then we don’t feel so lonely. But we still have that inner turmoil going on inside about believing in ourselves. This is where our passion comes in and accepting our WHOLE world. We need to accept our physical existence (yes it’s ok to have lots of money)… our spiritual existence (yes it’s ok that you see and hear things that aren’t there)… and work on our inner turmoil. God, the Divine, our Great Creator, or whatever you want to call that grand connection we all have does not want us to feel unloved but we have to work out these issues so that we can have that wonderful connection. To do that… we need to learn to accept ourselves for the wonderful beings we are. YES… YOU are a wonderful creation and YOU ARE meant to be here and to have those gifts. So now is the time to work on or continue working on that inner turmoil, accept yourself and all the wonderful gifts and little quirks that make you who you are. Love yourself! YES… you DESERVE it! There’s nothing wrong with you! When you accept yourself you will start to want to learn things. Whatever it is that you are drawn to… learn it. If your interest changes then learn something else. When you find something that you just seem to not get enough of… that is your passion. And it’s ok if that changes too! Our passions change as we begin to grow. Let yourself grow. Growth brings us closer to each other and the Divine. So no more fear… let the fear go and let yourself grow.

Love & Light,


P.S.  If you need guidance please feel free to contact me.

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