Leadership and Grace

Crocodile-CraneThis morning, as I sit, trying to meditate, I find my mind bouncing all over the place. It is sometimes difficult to regain my focus and push out all random thoughts. I find that I am going through more transformation which is one of the reasons my mind is going haywire. LOL

So, this morning… as I sit… trying to meditate… I find myself in a grassy area… small with thick trees and brush surrounding me. It’s a very secluded and serene area. I know to the right of me is the Fae realm. They are always there if I need protection. Ever vigilant is the Fae realm gate keeper. You must be approved by him before entering for two reasons. First reason… He has to make sure you are not there to hurt them in any way. Second reason… Are you able to handle it. Emotionally, physically, mentally. I passed both tests and have been with them for many lifetimes. Each lifetime regaining trust in myself and allowing them in once again. But this journey is not about the Fae. This journey is about the two animals I came across. The Crocodile and a big white Crane.

As I arrive in the grassy area, I instantly see a crocodile… laying in the grass watching me. Very calm and relaxed. In learning about the crocodile as a spirit totem I found one statement pop out at me on the spirit-animals.com website. “You are being asked to step into a leadership role in this situation. You have the tools, the knowledge and the instinct to get through it. Show them all the way.” I read and read on this site as well as others but kept coming back to this one statement. I then went back to the crocodile and recited the statement to him. He gave me a sense of a smile (if you can imagine a crocodile smiling… LOL) and walked away. That is all he wanted to get across. So that my dear friends is our message from crocodile. For all of us… this has some meaning to it, not matter our situation.

Then comes in the crane. She is beautiful! With a striking white body that almost glows. She stands very tall and proud with her neck extended. She represents royalty, balance, grace, and longevity. One source (crrookwood.hubpages.com) states that crane asks us to “… use our past as a source of strength in the present.” This same source also states that “people with crane medicine are more revered by others than they imagine, and have long, successful lives. They are protective, wise, and gracious. They choose their battles carefully, choosing quiet wisdom and privacy over aggression.” Also she asks us to “…look inward, show fairness to all persons, and protect your wisdom while sharing it in appropriate ways.” She is showing us the way to balance ourselves and have good fortune.

So I find that with both of these magnificent beings, we are being given a very strong and powerful message. Our transformations are still going on and can be difficult at times but you can be sure of this… we can handle it or we would not be going through it. Hold your head up high, be strong, and know that you are seen as one that is of the highest caliber. You are royalty but humble, you are strong but gentle, you are full of knowledge but withhold it until it is needed. Be blessed my sisters and brothers… for we are all in this together.

In Love & Light,
Mama Owl

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