Can beauty be deceiving?

Tree at workThis morning I was sitting in my car looking at this beautiful tree I usually park in front of.  It speaks to me sometimes.  So I decided to take a picture of it.  I’ve always loved looking at it but this morning I felt sadness and one of my guides told me to learn about Ivy and Tree.  I found that even though it is beautiful to look at it is not always healthy for the tree.  In fact, Ivy can literally suck the life out of a tree.  As Ivy grows it has a sticky type of substance that allows it to attach itself to whatever it is climbing.  It then can grow hair like roots.  It grows under the bark allowing the protective barrier of the tree to be exposed and become sick.  Ivy also competes with the tree for sunlight.  So unfortunately, although beautiful to look at, Ivy can literally suck the life out of the tree it is growing on.

So, my lesson from this morning taught me… Just because something “looks” beautiful doesn’t mean that it is in all ways.  If you allow something around you that sucks the life energy out of you all the time, then it is not healthy.  Whether it’s beautiful or not. Listen with your inner being.  If some sort of warning comes up through any kind of negative feeling then you should listen to those feelings or thoughts. Don’t be afraid to love but be cautious… sometimes beautiful things can be deadly.

In Love & Light,
Mama Owl

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