Solar Plexus Chakra ~ The Basics

solar_plexus_chakra symbolSolar Plexus Chakra
Day 1
The Basics

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the power center of our being and is located between the heart and the belly button in the upper abdomen area. Within this chakra we experience acceptance of our place in the life stream. We experience self-love and the mental understanding of our emotional life. Acceptance of our being… of our emotions and of our will to live is prominent in this chakra when it is healthy.

This chakra embraces our personal power, personality, consciousness of self with the universe giving us a sense of belonging, the power of “Knowing”. Our instincts or gut feelings reside in the Solar plexus. The challenge of this chakra is to overcome the feeling of shame. One of the symptoms of a closed or unhealthy chakra is that we will feel ashamed of ourselves a lot and if you are experiencing that you are being challenged to overcome this.

The aspects that are stored within this chakra are that of personal power, personality, our instincts (intuition or that sense of “knowing”) and the feeling that you are part of the universe.

Below are some quick facts about this chakra.

Sanskrit Name: Manipura meaning “lustrous gem”

Color: Yellow

Calming Color: Violet

Development Stage: 18 to 42 months

Energy State: Plasma

Challenge: Shame

Element: Fire

Musical Note: E

Sound: Ah like father

Celestial Body/Moon Phase: Mars/Waxing Moon

Incense: Ginger, Woodruff

Essential Oils/Spices: Lemon, Anise, Cardamom

Herbs: Fennel, Chamomile

Flower Essences: Impatiens, Sclranthus

Aromatherapy: Sage, Geranium

Auric Layer: Mental Body (lower mental aspect)

Dominant Sense: Sight

Metal: Iron

Connection to Nature: Sunlight, Fire, Yellow Flowers

Shape: Triangle (pointing down)

Food: Grain

Tomorrow, we will go over the parts of the body connected to this chakra as well as symptoms of this chakra in the following states: Healthy and Open, Over Active and Closed.

I hope this information helps you to understand this chakra a little better. Later on this week we will look at crystals as well as meditations and activities to help make your chakra healthy.

In Love & Light Always.
Carol ~ Mama Owl

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