Sacral Chakra ~ Affirmations

Sacral-chakraSacral Chakra
Day 5

Today we will be talking about Affirmations. Affirmations are positive thoughts and words we say to ourselves to combat the negative thoughts. Doing affirmations everyday can help you balance and heal your chakras, create a more positive light around you and can help you heal from dis-ease and illness. The more we think positive, the healthier we become.

With the Root Chakra I gave an example of negative thoughts then talked about each one and then finish up by turning it around to a positive thought. For some reason, with this chakra… I just can’t bring myself to do it. I typed away coming up with some good discussions but each time my heart and my sacral chakra kept getting heavier and heavier. So instead of coming up with negative thoughts, I am going to release the light and bring you bright, lovely thoughts. I have found these beautiful affirmations all over the internet. That made me giggle (which if you know me is a common thing) and grin from ear to ear!

So here is your bright orange burst of positivity!

Pleasure is a sacred part of my life.

I trust the process of life.

I embrace my sensuality and sexuality.

I honor my sacred body vessel and treat it with respect.

The universe is full of sweetness and beauty.

I am a creature of light, open to the magic of the universe.

I am grateful for the joy of being me.

I go with the flow with grace and ease.

I trust my intuition and allow it to guide me.

Goodness, divinity, beauty and joy resonate within my soul.

My life is graceful and pleasurable.

I receive pleasure and abundance with every breath I take.

I allow my emotions to flow through me in a healthy way.

Healing occurs each time I rest, relax and luxuriate in an experience.

Rest and play are a regular part of my healthy life.

Creating (fill in the blank) nourishes my spirit and brings me joy.

My desires and appetites are balanced and harmonious.

I am joyful. I am spontaneous. I am creative.

My body responds to thoughts of pure love and goodness.

Nobody needs to fix or heal me. I reclaim my personal power to look after myself.

As I love and respect myself, healing happens naturally.

Also, check out Carol Tuttle on You Tube. She does great guided sessions on balancing and aligning the chakras. I get a lot of my chakra inspiration from her! Here is the link to her Sacral Chakra alignment with an exercise with affirmations.

I hope these lessons on the Sacral Chakra have helped you and continue to do so.
Next week we will learn about the Solar Plexus… our Power Center Chakra.

Until next week… may the light forever shine upon you, and the road before you!

In Love & Light Always
Carol ~ Mama Owl

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