Grounding and Balancing Meditation

meditation-techniques-bodhi-treeGrounding and Balancing Meditation
Written by: Carol Gallegos July 30, 2015
Picture by: Unknown (if you know please let me know so I can give proper credit)

Find a comfortable position without laying down.

Once in that position, close your eyes and begin focusing on your breathing.

Slowly breath in… and notice the presence of your feet and your toes.

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Let your light shine!

The Beetle…

This week has been a tough one. Ya, I’ve been saying that a lot with some time of clarity in between. So this beetle showed up in meditation Tuesday morning. He was BAM… right in my face. Up close and personal! Freaked me the heck out! I don’t like beetles… they give me the creeps but… I’ve learned that we really should give them a lot of respect. It’s taken me all week but I think I’ve worked through what beetle has given me to work through.

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