Throat Chakra ~ Balancing and Healing


Throat Chakra
Day 4
Balancing and Healing

The throat chakra is the second of the higher chakras and because it is the communication center it allows the emotions, feelings and expressions of the other chakras to have Continue reading “Throat Chakra ~ Balancing and Healing”

Empath vs Highly Sensitive ~ Part 3


Empath vs Highly Sensitive
Part 3
A Comparison

So we’ve looked at both the Empath and the Highly Sensitive Person, or HSP as most have come to call them. We’ve discovered that the Empath is someone who feels emotions and sometimes physical sensations in three different ways.

1. Sensing but not taking on the emotion or physical sensation.
2. Feeling – You feel the emotion and/or physical sensation but you know it is not of you.
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Empath vs Highly Sensitive ~ Part 2 ~ The Highly Sensitive Person

Raise vibration

Empath vs Highly Sensitive
Part 2
The Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

Have people always told you that you are too sensitive and that you need to “grow a thicker skin” or “toughen up”? Do you sometimes feel like you are constantly being singled out or being picked on by everyone around you? Being overly sensitive doesn’t stop with our emotions… it can also effect our other senses such as our sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell and… yes… our sixth sense.

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