Groups & Sites to Help & Heal


As you may know, there is a wealth of information on the world wide web so I thought giving you more sources for help would be a wonderful way to help guide you on your path.  Below are some wonderful resources for you to utilize if you feel drawn to do so.

Spiritual Awakening Tips
Experiencing a spiritual awakening is a transcendent journey that only a few ever get to experience. Let us awaken the spiritual forces that reside inside.

A Journey to Love & Light – becoming and being one
Facebook Group
Description:  This group is created for those that are awakening and on a journey to becoming one. One with the Creator, one with love, one with light and one with the universe. You are not alone.
I (Sophia) will be doing a step by step process and work up. Some things may apply to you, some may not.
Please feel free to post questions, guidance, and anything that supports topics. You may also always message me (Sophia) if things are a bit too personal or if you need more of a one on one guidance.
Please feel free to invite friends that may be able to use a little extra guidance.

Empath Journeys and Learnings
Facebook Group
Description:  The intentions of this group is for spiritual learning and support with many topics from Tele-empathy, clairvoyance, communication, and other areas as well.

Empath Practice Support Group
Facebook Group
Description:  This group is for Empaths to practice their gifts!!  People can post for help, and any Empath can step forward and help!!  Very positive place. Educational, Social and supportive group!!

Empath Support Group
Facebook Group
Description:  The ORIGINAL Empath Support Group. This is an open group.  For all Empaths!   This group is a place to learn or share how you survive in today’s world.  Or learn how to support a friend, loved one or child who has an Empath gift.

The Bridge – Center for Spiritual Sciences and Education
Facebook Group
Description:   Welcome to The Bridge – Center for Spiritual Sciences and Education! This is truly a place for people to speak openly and learn together. This is a closed group for privacy, but in no way do we condone the hiding or denial of who you are. We aim to make The Bridge a safe place for people to share, learn, participate, grow, and develop all while honoring and respecting each other’s individual paths. Here there is no such thing as an “experienced” or “inexperienced” Empath.

Mama Owl’s Blog
My blog on Facebook

Mama Owl’s Blog
My blog on Twitter

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