Heart Chakra ~ Balancing & Healing


Heart Chakra
Day 4
Balancing and Healing

The heart chakra is such an important chakra. It is the center of our energy system and when it is balanced it allows us to open up to the higher chakras.

As an empath or highly sensitive person, we constantly go back and forth between feeling loved and unloved. It sometimes feel as though it is a constant battle of convincing ourselves that we are truly loved, which we are. We just need to get over that bump that stops us or makes us have to work harder to achieve that goal.

This beautiful chakra opens the portal to achieve a connection to the Divine, to God and to the Universe. Without love in our hearts we can never achieve that. With that said, we were born with that connection so we never really lose it… we just become blind to it. The heart lifts the blinders… the veil to our ever loving connection to all.

So, if you feel you have lost that connection, all you need to do is work on your heart chakra. Work on letting love in. Allowing love in can be so very difficult. It can be scary because there have been so many times where you opened your heart to others and then to be stomped on by them. It truly hurts. We’ve all experienced it… every single one of us. The thing is… the Divine, God and the Universe do not stomp on our hearts. They nurture us… they love us and nothing can or will ever change that. We are the ones that change it… we are the ones that allow negative talk make us believe that we are unworthy of love. That is so far from the truth but we all fall for it and then we blame the Divine, God and the Universe. So… I am going to attempt to help you overcome this and hopefully give you some tools to help you nurture your heart chakra and help you to realize that the love from the Divine, God and the Universe has and never will leave us.

First I want to give you a simple meditation that you can use with any chakra.

Simple Chakra Meditation
(This meditation can be used with any chakra by changing hand placement location, area and colors accordingly as well as affirmations)
Find a piece of music that makes you feel loved… comfortable… and calm. The one I like to use is within the link here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOVdjxtnsH8

Sit or lay in a comfortable position

Ground yourself so you don’t float away. Also, place a bubble of protection around you. (Please feel free to ask for more information if you don’t know how to do either grounding or protection)

Now place your hands on your chest to better focus on your heart chakra.

Turn on the music and allow it to fill your senses while taking a deep slow breath in, hold for just a moment then releasing slowly… both at a comfortable pace. Do the breathing 3 times and then breathe at a comfortable pace.

Now focus on the area over your heart. See, in your mind’s eye, or feel/sense a brilliant pink or green glow. Allow it to reach down and connect to your heart… feeling its energy reach down to touch the chakra’s center.

Now let the pink or green glow grow larger… slowly… feel it surround your heart… caressing it with love and warmth.

Now let the pink or green glow grow outward to surround you combining with your bubble of protection.

Say aloud or silently the following affirmations.

I am love and love resides within my heart.

I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

I forgive myself.

I am open to love and kindness.

I am at peace.

Allow the affirmations to sink in… enveloping you however that works with you. No set rules on this… just let it happen. Repeat the affirmations as many times as you feel you need to.

When you are ready, open your eyes.

To add crystals to the above meditation, you can either hold the crystals in your hand(s) and or place one (or many depending on your preference) on the area of the chakra. You then add focus of the crystal with the glow of the color down into the center of the chakra. Using a (or many) crystal to the meditation can enhance the energy flow and add other qualities that will help the balance and healing process.

Now this next process will help you move through emotions and let them go. **Warning: This can cause an overwhelming sensation. It can cause you to become highly emotional. If you are working with an emotion that causes sadness then you can cry uncontrollably. If you are working through something that makes you angry then yes… you can become overly angry. It sometimes intensifies whatever emotion you are working on but this will be addressed at the proper time within the meditation.**

The Process of Letting Go…
So what I want you to do is (if you want to meditate through this you can but you don’t have to) get comfortable in any position. If you want to lay down you can.

First… close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Deeply in through your nose, hold a sec, then out through your mouth. As you breathe in, visualize a beautiful, sparkly, white light in the air you are breathing in. On the exhale… visualize a dark grey color. Do this breathing until the dark grey color gets lighter and lighter until it is clear or close to it.

Ground yourself and place a bubble of protection around you.

Now… ask yourself, in your mind so as to not disturb your presence, “what emotion is bothering me?” The very first emotion that comes up, take hold of it. There may be a lot of emotions balled up so the very first one is the one you’ll work with first. Do not question this. Just go with the first one even if you think it is not right. Trust me and trust your intuition.

So you have the first emotion. Take that emotion and place it into a bubble visually. This bubble will be in the area of your stomach a little bit below your rib cage.

Feel that emotion… don’t be afraid of it. Feel it. Let it consume you and act out whatever you need to in your mind. If it’s anger, visualize you hitting a punching bag. If it’s sadness, let yourself cry. If you’re afraid of something, feel the fear and do not hide from it.

As you are experiencing the emotion let the bubble grow by pushing the emotion into it. It’s sucking up all that emotion from your body and your mind. Let it grow however big it needs to be. If it’s as large as your room that’s ok… let it be that big.

Now push the bubble outside your body… hold it in your hand… look at it… observe it. The color of it is turning pink and sparkly so much so that you can barely see the emotion anymore.

Now, release the ball like you would release a bird by throwing it up into the air. As you do so, the bubble pops and it’s full of beautiful butterflies and laughter.

Smile… you have just let go.

By going through this process, you are releasing something within to the universe to handle it. It will not go into anyone else as the universe will absorb it into the universal life force and by turning it into a happy bubble, hence the color pink, it is no longer negative.

You may need to repeat this process a few times and that’s ok. It takes time to heal. Never give up… keep going and it will happen. The more you do these types of things the easier you will become AND the more enlightened you will be. Doing these things will start lifting your vibration which will cause you to look at life differently… will open you mind and your heart to new possibilities. You will begin to understand the inner workings of the soul.

As with the other chakras, dance is wonderful for the heart chakra. So dance with yourself and with your partner. Listen to uplifting music… feel the music vibrate within your heart. These things will also raise your vibration and open you up to the universe.

Most of all… Love yourself for who you are. You are the light… you are beauty.

Blessed Be You Gorgeous Being You!

Tomorrow, we will take a look at affirmations. So until next time… know that you ARE truly loved.

In Love & Light Always,
Carol ~ Mama Owl

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