The Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands
The Knight of Wands…

This is strange… why do I keep getting Tarot cards in my mind’s eye? Maybe it’s Spirit’s way of making me learn them. Ok, so the picture I got in my head was the first half of a horse. It stayed that way for a day or so… just waiting in the back of my mind. Then the horse stepped forward and had a knight riding him. So I automatically thought “another tarot card”, so I searched to see what he was holding. It was a long staff sort of thing but not as long as a staff. It was red and smooth with gold knob like embellishments on the ends. His arm was hanging at his side and holding the wand. I gathered it was a wand because it was too short to be a staff and it wasn’t pointy like a sword. So, in looking for this picture I concluded it was the Knight of Wands in an upright position.

So, what I’ve learned is that this card represents energy, passion, lust, action, adventure, impulsiveness. He’s very confident and has a commanding presence.

Now so far… in reading about this card it says that this card is very energetic but I’m not feeling that. What I’m feeling is that he’s waiting for someone to take action. We’ve been given our marching orders and he’s here to make sure we are moving forward. He’s being impatient about it as well. So what action are we to take? Well if we take what the Fool told us the other day (our marching orders), I feel that it is about the journey we about to embark upon. We are afraid to take that first step because we don’t know what is to come. The Knight of Wands is standing there saying “You were just fine with it a couple of days ago. Now get to it!” LOL Quite pushy… but he is a commander so I can understand that.

So, whatever is holding you/me back we need to just drop it and move forward. No Fear! Take the mindset of the Knight of Wands… “March on soldier!” Have confidence in your heart that no matter what happens, you are meant to be there… wherever “there” is.

March on!

Mama Owl

3 thoughts on “The Knight of Wands

  1. Thank you for this beautiful passage. I’ve been pulling the knight of wands five days in a row, even when switching to a different deck. While this is not statistically impossible, it is clearly ‘inspired’. I do need to move on, to act. I never thought of this card that way. Good insight.

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  2. Carol the Oracle

    Sorry my reply to you Kariannt was so short. I am definitely new to Tarot so these recent posts with Tarot cards were brought on by Spirit 100%. LOL Can’t deny what Spirit wants right? I’m very glad you received the message when you most needed it. 🙂


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